At Tallgirls we love our shoes - but to keep them looking their best we know we have to look after them. Like us they need a bit of TLC and some ongoing maintenance!

To prolong the life of your footwear or clothing we recommend the following:

Clothing Care Guide

  • Always ensure that you follow the washing instructions on your garment label.
  • Ensure that you turn the garment inside out and to avoid shrinkage do not use fabric softener/conditioner.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • Do not leave garments to soak or leave damp in a washing machine as this can cause shrinkage.
  • To maintain your garment you may on occasion need to repair hems and seams or replace a button.
  • For dyed garments such as denim avoid contact with pale fabrics, light colour suede and leather as some colour transfer may occur. Dyed garments may fade after washing.

Shoe Care Guide

Leather & other natural materials may vary slightly in colour & texture - this is not a fault but the nature of material.

  • Leather footwear
    Regularly clean with a suitable wax polish - before cleaning the shoe must be dry and all surface dirt removed.
  • Suede & Nubuck footwear
    Use a suede brush with a suede/nubuck cleaner to remove most stains. Suede & nubuck are not guaranteed to be completely colourfast so there may be some loss of colour. If shoes do get wet allow them to dry naturally before brushing with a suede brush.
  • Synthetic footwear
    Wipe carefully with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Synthetic suedes and micro fibres should be cleaned in the same way as suede or nubuck.
  • Fabric footwear
    Remove dust & dirt with a dry cloth then clean with a fabric cleaner. Fabric shoes are generally not washable and cannot be worn in wet weather as this could cause permanent damage.
  • Embellished/decorated footwear
    Sequins, beads & diamante decorations can become damaged or lost if caught or snagged, so care must be taken in wear.
  • Leather soles
    Due to it’s porous nature leather soles will let in water therefore we recommend that leather soled footwear is not worn in wet conditions.
  • All soles
    All soles will become worn over time or with continuous use. To maintain the life of your footwear it is essential that it is re-soled on a regular basis to prevent any permanent damage.
  • All footwear
    If footwear does get wet allow to dry naturally away from direct heat before treating.
  • Heels & Heel tips
    Heel tips will wear down over time, and on occasion will come off as uneven surfaces and driving can weaken them - particularly on narrow or stiletto heels. To prevent permanent damage heel tips must be replaced on a regular basis - footwear should not be worn if the heel tip has come off.
    Covered heels can become damaged if worn whilst driving or if caught by sharp objects and stairs. Care must be taken to avoided excessive markings to covered heels
  • Sheepskin boots
    Please ask if you are unsure if your boots are sheepskin (do not follow these instructions otherwise)
    To protect against stains and water marks you must protect your boots with a water repellent or stain guard recommended for sheepskin. Your boots can be hand washed in cool water using DREFT washing powder, but it is essential that you:
    For incidental scuffs and marks, first brush lightly with a dry soft brush.
    To clean sponge lightly with a soft cloth or sponge, dampening the whole boot.
    Rinse sponge in clean cold water and pat excess moisture off the surface.
    Reshape by stuffing with paper towel.
    Allow to dry naturally and slowly - DO NOT DRY IN DIRECT HEAT OR SUNLIGHT.
    Reapply the water repellent spray after drying.
    You will notice once the boots have dried they will have shrunk slightly, but this is normal. After wearing them for an hour or so, they will go back to normal.
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